“Sustainable development and the rule of law are strongly interrelated and mutually reinforcing.”

Doha Declaration

COVID-19 and the rule of law

The effective emergency response that is in line with international standards.

What is the rule of law defined by the UN?

The rule of law is the principle that we are all equal under the law.

The responsibilities of the judiciary

Every section of the state has a different role to play in ensuring that the rule of law is observed, and the judiciary is at the core of them all.

Rule of Law Champions

Meet our Rule of Law Champions who advocate for equal justice.

Join them to inspire change together.

Ana Joselina Fortín


Olympic Swimmer

Damaris Akhigbe


Education for Justice Youth Champion

Vania Masías


Founding Director, Angeles D1

Join Hands

A Global Call to Action

Help spread the word on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #Act4RuleofLaw.


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